Wood borers Management

Boring insects may spend most of their life cycle feeding inside a host or spend part of their life cycle as borers and part as a defoliator on the same host. Beetles, wasps, and moths that are borers, undergo complete metamorphosis and pass through egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages of development. Boring insects, while feeding, construct tunnels (galleries) in plant tissue. Feeding by borers may deform, weaken, or stunt tree growth. Their galleries may girdle a portion of or an entire tree, or involve an entire bud, branch tip, seed, or fruit. Recovery of a tree from boring damage or replacement of a dead or damaged tree is slow and may take years.

Whether small or big, each house has something wooden inside in the form of furniture, doors, or windows. Just imagine what will happen if these wooden pieces get infested by small bugs called wood borers - the beetles that simply love residing inside moist wood?

Taking a wood borer infestation in your house lightly will prove to be a grave mistake. They can gradually build up a whole colony inside your wooden works laying eggs, and larvae eating up all your wood deep inside.

Why to Book Wood Borer Control Services?

If you detect signs of wood borer infestation at home, make sure to search for wood borer pest control near me to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proper inspection and detection of wood borers inside your home

  • Preserves your wooden objects and entire property from wood borer infestation

  • Saves time on trying DIY wood borer pest control methods

  • Saves money on wooden repairs

  • Complete peace of mind

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